Fein MM500 Plus Basic 230V Oscillating Multi Tool


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Fein MM500 Plus Basic 230V Oscillating Multi Tool

  • With the StarlockPlus tool mounting, you can access around 100 FEIN accessories from the Starlock and StarlockPlus performance classes.
  • 350 W FEIN motor. Powerful motor with a high copper content, which is suited to overload for a higher cutting speed and faster work progress.
  • Tacho generator: constant speeds even under load and infinitely variable electronic speed control.
  • Metal gearbox: ability to withstand high loading and outstanding service life because all the gearbox parts are made from metal.
  • Mechanical interface: for stationary operation in the table or drill jig holder or for securing the depth stop.
  • Industrial cable: large working radius thanks to finely stranded 5 metre rubber cable of industrial quality.

This multi tool is perfect for professional use and also for those who enjoy DIY. With a Universal E-Cut saw blade ideal for cutting wood, metal and plastics. The anti-vibration system in the tool reduces vibrations and noise for a safer, more pleasant working environment. The 350W motor has a high copper content, meaning that it’s more suited to deal with potential overload and delivers a higher cutting speed. The metal gearbox is robust and hardwearing, and the 5m rubber cable allows a large working Radius. Thanks to FEIN’s unique rapid clamping system, any desired attachments can be swapped out in less than three seconds without the need for tools.


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