Hauck Face To Me Bedside Mini Crib With Mattress Folding Side – Beige


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Hauck 608517 Face To Me Bedside Mini Crib With Mattress Folding Side Height Adjustable Suitable For High And Low Beds Foldable – Beige

  • Co-sleeping cot – cosy co-sleeping cot face to me to keep your baby close to you in the first months of life and yet in their own bed, so you can sleep without worries
  • Folding side wall : the side side side can be opened with a zip for easy breastfeeding during the evening, and quickly access the baby to soothe it in a sleepless night
  • Adjustable height : the face to me co-sleeping cot can be adjusted 5 times in height and suitable for both low beds and high beds with slatted base
  • Viewing window – during the day, you can close the side of the cot face to me and use it as a normal crib; the mesh ensures good air circulation and allows you to monitor your baby at any time
  • Foldable : the stable face to me when not in use folds and stores easily and saves space at home; ideal for transporting and having it in the grandparent’s house

Hauck Face to Me Bedside Crib

The cosy co-sleeping cot is individually adjusted to the height of 86 cm. This makes it suitable for all types of beds and the ideal solution for high beds or low futon beds. The co-sleeping system whose side is hinged offers the possibility of getting closer and serving the baby quickly and comfortably from the potato bed. The raised height also helps to breastfeed your baby.

The Face To Me co-sleeping cot stands out in stability, anti-fall and compact folding, reduced and easy to close. Height adjustable: with its soft and padded interior, the baby feels very cozy and comfortable. The co-sleeping cot has 5 height positions that make it suitable for all types of beds. One of the side bars has a zip closure and is foldable, making it easy to get the breasts closer in times of hunger or restlessness of the baby.

The newborn sleeps in their own cot but at the same time enjoys the closeness of their potatoes. At times of breastfeeding the newborn, the breast will have the ease of lying down without having to get out of bed. The reinforced and padded mattress promises sweet dreams for your baby. Sleep safely. The Face To Me crib stands out thanks to its solid and stable construction.

The side walls of the cot protect your baby from possible movements or unexpected turns. Apart from the fall protection comes the co-sleeping cot equipped with two fastening straps that allow the Face To Me crib to be tied to the parent’s bed. Day Cot During the day, the cot is converted as a spare bed as well as a moses basket for moving into the living room.

So that the potatoes don’t lose sight of the baby’s movements, the cot has a mesh fabric on the side that allows visual contact with the baby and also ensures optimal air circulation. The edges of the cot come lined with soft, padded fabrics giving them a plus in comfort and safety.

Compact folding The mini co-sleeping cot has a practical and easy folding mechanism that can be folded and stored in just a few seconds and thus gain space in the bedroom or the rest of the house. Ideal solution for grandparent’s house visits or family trips.

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Weight 10000 g


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Toddler Beds


Toddler Beds


9 Kilograms Maximum Weight Recommendation


Height Adjustable, Suitable for High and Low Beds, Foldable


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