Lloytron StayWarm Upright & Flatbed Fan Heater with 2 Heat Settings, 2000 W, White

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Lloytron StayWarm Upright & Flatbed Fan Heater with 2 Heat Settings, 2000 W, White

  • COMPACT FLATBED AND UPRIGHT DESIGN : The 2000w Fan Heater sits horizontally or stands vertically, adapting to best suit your needs. The compact, simple and lightweight design is ideal for use at home or in the office and the integral carry handle makes it easy to transport. The red power light is illuminated during use to indicate that the heating element is active.
  • TWO HEAT SETTINGS AND COOL BLOW FAN : Switch between the two heat settings (1000w/2000w) to set the power of the fan or use the cool blow function to operate as a cooling fan. Save money and space in your home with this multi-use hot and cool fan.
  • VARIABLE THERMOSTAT : Use the variable thermostat dial to set the temperature level. The heater will operate until the surrounding air temperature is at the set level and then will automatically switch on/off intermittently to keep a consistent temperature.
  • FROST WATCH PROTECTION : The built-in frost watch protection allows the fan heater to switch on automatically if the room temperature dips below 5°c – just turn the dial to the minimum to keep the chill away.
  • SAFETY FEATURES : Stay safe with automatic overheat protection to automatically cut off the unit should it overheat and the cabinet is made from fire retardant plastic. Approved by UK and German safety standards BEAB and GS. Your purchase is covered with a 3 year guarantee for added peace of mind. Make sure to complete and return the warranty card with proof of purchase.

The STAYWARM 2000w Upright / Flatbed Fan Heater offers 2 heat settings, variable thermostat, frost watch protection and a cool blow function in one compact unit with a built-in carry handle. The cabinet is made from fire retardant plastic and the Fan Heater has automatic overheat protection to switch off the product should it ever overheat.

This versatile product can be used for heating or cooling, as well as in an upright (vertical) or flatbed (horizontal) position to best suit your space and needs. This multi-use fan saves you money and space in your home by combining a cooling fan for summer nights with a heater for keeping the winter chill away.

With two simple dial controls, you can select from two heat settings (1000w/2000w) or the cool function and adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature. With the thermostat and heat setting at the lowest, you can use frost watch, which will automatically activate the heating fan should the room temperature drop below 5°c to keep the chill away.

Lightweight, safe and with quiet operation, the flame retardant plastic and classic compact design is ideal for your office, kitchen, bedroom, conservatory and so much more.

Do not use with an extension lead.

Sits horizontally or stands vertically;
2 heat settings : 1000w/2000w with Cool Blow
Variable temperature thermostat;
Power indicator; ‘Frost Watch’ protection Lightweight;
Flame retardant plastic cabinet;
Dual automatic safety power cut-off devices
Dimensions: H 24 x W 24.5 x D 12 cm;
Colour: white

StayWarm this Winter

The Lloytron StayWarm heater is complete with fire retardant plastic cabinet and dual protection safety cut-out features.

Full Control with Frost Watch
Lightweight and with Variable Thermostat

This lightweight model has a variable thermostat and several heat settings to allow full control and keep warmth in any room. It has the ability to keep the chill away using the “Frost Watch” setting, should the temperature drop below freezing

Safety Over and Above

Able to position vertically or horizontally means the product is adaptable for most environments.

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