Philips Avent Baby Food Storage Cups, 180/240 ML, Pack of 20


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Philips Avent Baby Food Storage Cups, 180/240 ML, Pack of 20

  • 20 sturdy, stackable BPA-free cups for individual meal portions, plus a weaning spoon to feed your little one
  • Sterile-packed for immediate use, suitable for storage in fridge or freezer
  • Leak-proof, twist-on lids for safe storage and transport
  • Easy to label cups help you track dates and contents
  • Also suitable for storing breastmilk

Philips AVENT VIA Baby Food Storage Cups are a convenient way to transport, store and feed your baby or toddler.

The set comprises 20 BPA-free VIA cups with lids, a weaning spoon and a helpful leaflet with recipe ideas. The VIA cups are sterile-packed for immediate use. They can be re-sterilised, then disposed of when showing signs of wear and tear. The easy-to-label cups help you track dates and contents. The cups include a leak-proof, twist-on lid for safe storage and transport, and you can feed baby straight from the cups. They are sturdy and stackable for storage in fridge or freezer.

The weaning spoon included has a gentle tip, meaning that baby’s soft gums are protected. Plus, with a long-reach handle, the spoon is perfect for grown-ups’ hands. With an anti-slip grip, the spoon rests on the side of a bowl without sliding, leaving more food in the bowl and less on the floor.

About Philips AVENT VIA–one system, many options

Philips AVENT VIA is a versatile, BPA-free, space-saving storage system designed to grow with your baby. It allows you to use the same cup to express, store and feed breastmilk to your baby, as well as store baby food when baby has been weaned. VIA cups have twist-on, leak-proof lids for safe storage in the fridge, freezer or on the road. There’s no risk of leaking or puncturing.

VIA cups are compatible with all Philips AVENT breast pumps. Simply attach the cup to the pump with a VIA adaptor and express, then feed baby directly from the cup with a VIA teat adaptor. There’s no need to transfer milk to another container.

Easy to store in fridge or freezer

Simple to organise, VIA cups are easy to label with a marker or a pencil, helping you track dates and contents. The cups are stackable and fit snugly together in the fridge.

Philips AVENT VIA cups are safe for use in sterilisers and dishwashers, and are recyclable.

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