Quest Stand Mixers With 6 Speeds Settings Stainless Steel 250W 3 Litre – Grey


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Quest Stand Mixers With 6 Speeds Settings Stainless Steel 250W 3 Litre – Grey

  • COMPACT STAND MIXER – This freestanding food mixer is the perfect kitchen accessory to mix all your ingredients together when making cakes, breads, cookies, pastries, muffins and waffles.
  • 6 SPEED SETTINGS – This food mixer features 6 separate speed settings that allow you to fully control the food preparation process. The machine also has non-slip feet which keeps it rigid throughout use.
  • 3 LITRE BOWL – Mix all your ingredients in the 3-litre stainless steel bowl provided. The machine comes equipped with pastry/dough hooks & twin beaters, and all the accessories are dishwasher friendly.
  • STYLISH GREY COLOUR – This automatic stand mixer will look sleek and stylish in your kitchen thanks to the grey finish. The mixing bowl utilises 250W of power and has a 0.82M power cord.

Quest Stand Mixers Stainless Steel – Grey

Mix all kinds of ingredients together in a quick and secure manner using these Stand Mixers from Quest! They’ll make your life much easier when baking favourites such as cakes, cookies, pastries, muffins, bread, and more, all in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The mixer features a choice of 6 different speed settings, giving you total control over the mixing process and ensuring you’ll have the exact precision needed for a variety of foods. The dough hooks and twin beaters also allow for a wider variety of mixtures to be made than with a standard mixer.

Thanks to use the use of stainless steel materials in many of its parts, the mixer and its attachments are durable and easy to clean. The dough hooks & twin beater accessories are dishwasher friendly, making the cleaning process even simpler.


Create a variety of mixtures for delicious foods by using the two different mixing accessories provided! The twin beaters are ideal for cakes, cookie dough, and other sweet treats, while the dough hooks are ideal for more savoury favourites such as bread and pizza.


The mixer’s tilting head makes setting it up easier, allowing you to attach or remove the bowl without the beaters getting in the way. You can also utilise the tilting head to add ingredients mid-way through mixing, just in case you forgot anything!


As well as the detachable hooks, the mixer is designed with other convenient features such as a rotating plate to aid in more precise mixing, buttons to activate the tilting head or eject the beaters, and non-slip feet to keep the appliance stable on its surface.

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Weight 2270 g



3 Litres

Power / Wattage

250 W

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