Tefal So Tasty Non Stick Frying Pan, 24 cm – Black


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Tefal So Tasty Non Stick Frying Pan, 24 cm – Black
  • 24 cm
  • Thermospot technology
  • Non-stick coating; dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all heat sources excluding induction
  • Comes with against any manufacturing defects and a lifetime guarantee on the non-stick coating against blistering and peeling

The So Tasty range from Tefal comes with the thermospot, this is a distinctive heat indicator which lets you know when the pan is ready to start cooking by turning a solid red colour. The hard enamel exterior gives this range a high gloss finish which looks elegant on any kitchen surface and is also very easy to clean, just like the non-stick interior. The titanium coating promises the durable non-stick cooking performance and is also metal utensil safe (except knives and whisks) so you can use metal utensils without running the risk of the non-stick surface being scratched or damaged thanks to the robust nature of this range, so whether your flipping an egg or stirring a sauce, you can rest assured the coating will not come to any harm. Because of the non-stick quality of this range, there is no need to scrub these pans clean either, just a simple wipe clean with warm soapy water will remove brunt on very easily. Suitable for all heat sources except induction, they are also oven safe up to 175 degrees Celsius for a maximum time of 1 hour, so you can start your cooking on the hob and finish it off in the oven if needed. Dishwasher safe.

Cookware with Thermo-Spot that lasts up to 2 x longer*

So Tasty is an advanced non-stick cookware range by Tefal designed to help you cook tasty meals, every day. The So Tasty range is equipped with our new generation Thermo-Spot heat indicator. Added to the surface of every pan, the outer pattern changes to solid red when the pan reaches optimum cooking temperature – no more guesswork, just expertly cooked food! Plus, So Tasty pans feature Titanium Force our durable non-stick coating proven to last two times longer than Tefal Powerglide. Which means you can enjoy tasty results every day for longer.

So Tasty pans also have an elegant, glossy enamel exterior that’s scratch resistant and hard wearing – not to mention easy to clean. They’re compatible with all hobs (except induction). Plus, being lightweight with comfort handles, they’re a pleasure to use. 

*Tefal Titanium Force coating lasts up to 2 times longer than Tefal Powerglide coating.

Thermo-Spot Technology

Preheating your pan is the secret to flavourful cooking. But how can you tell if your pan is at just the right temperature? With Thermo-Spot Technology, that’s how. 

Our new generation heat indicator spot, on the surface of every Tefal frying pan, has a visible pattern before heating. As the pan heats up, the pattern will disappear. Once the spot turns solid red, you’ll know your pan has reached the ideal cooking temperature (between 180C and 200C) and it’s time to start cooking.

Whether you’re a kitchen novice or a seasoned pro, with the Thermo-Spot heat indicator, you’ll enjoy precise cooking, every day.

Advanced protection

A force to be reckoned with. 

Tefal So Tasty pans feature our advanced Titanium Force coating for long-lasting, non-stick performance.

This advanced coating has a titanium hard base for resistance, two anti-abrasion layers, plus a deep 3D holographic layer reinforced with minerals for added durability. Topping things off is an extra thick, non-stick finishing layer. All of this means your food won’t stick and your pans won’t scratch – even when using metal utensils. 

Tefal So Tasty pans also have a glossy enamel exterior. As well as adding a touch of elegance, this coating is incredibly hard wearing – not to mention easy to wipe clean.

Inside: Titanium Force for long-lasting, non-stick performance.

Outside: Enamel exterior that’s both durable and easy to clean.

Longer lifespan

All Tefal cookware undergoes extreme, in-house laboratory tests designed to replicate consumer cooking habits. Titanium Force is proven to last two times longer than our Powerglide coating. This extremely durable non-stick coating provides lasting protection against scratches and abrasion – so, you can cook tasty food for longer.

Multi-hob compatible

The durable aluminium base ensures even heat distribution – no more ‘hot spots’ – and is suitable for use on all types of hob (excluding induction). 

Comfortable to use

Lightweight with comfort handles, So Tasty pans are ideal for everyday cooking. Made from Bakelite, the handles won’t burn; in fact, they’re oven safe up to 175C (Gas Mark 4, 350F) for 1 hour. So, you can start your cooking on the hob and finish it off safely in the oven. 

Dishwasher safe

So Tasty pans are easy to clean by hand with warm, soapy water – no scrubbing needed. Even better, they’re dishwasher safe. So, you can enjoy your meal knowing there will be no washing up afterwards.


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