Trideer Yoga Exercise Ball For Balance Stability Pregnancy And Physical Therapy XL (68-75cm) – Silver


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Trideer Yoga Exercise Ball For Balance Stability Pregnancy And Physical Therapy XL (68-75cm) – Silver

  • Safer with Anti Burst Design – The honeycomb structure produced using the advanced foaming technology allows a slow release of air as the air would flow along the edges of each “honeycomb” should the ball be punctured, scattering the pressure and avoiding any sudden falls or resulting injuries.
  • Ideal for Gym Workout – The Matte Surface and the 13 non-slip lines of this stability ball are critical features for a safe and focused practice as they provide stability while you are working on your flexibility and strength by stretching and core training. As a latex free balance ball, it certainly helps improve your balance; and as a fitness ball, it could also up your level of workout – try practicing plank with your feet on the ball and your balance will be joyfully challenged.
  • Amazing Home Office Therapist – Not just used for workout, this ball can also be applied as a ball chair. A kind physio that relieves your pain, especially your back pain by just sitting on it, not to mention its exciting function of correcting your posture.
  • Trusted Prenatal Fitness Companion – No matter which stage of pregnancy you are in: prenatal, during birthing or delivery, this yoga ball can always be there to offer you the most needed help. It relieves your lower back pain during pregnancy, assists the process of giving birth and delivering the baby, and speeds up your postnatal recovery so that you could get back on track to provide your baby with better care.
  • Quick Inflation & Nature Inspired – This yoga ball saves your time and energy with its quick pump. Each pumping action enlarges the ball size super effectively, making your inflation 25% quicker than others. Inspired by the beautiful nature, it comes in three breath-taking colors: ocean blue, forest green, and rosy morning glow. Practicing with it feels like breathing the freshest air and embracing nature in the wild. Your workout routine is turned out to be a bliss.

Trideer Exercise Ball XL (68-75cm) – Silver

Anti-Slip lines

The matte surface and the 13 non-slip lines make sure that you won’t slip and get distracted while using the ball. Excellent for various types of exercise or occasion: gym workout, Pilates, cardio exercise, home office and more.

High Weight Capacity

Made from the supreme-quality material and being tested countless times, this ball is capable of supporting up to 2,000 lbs. Suitable for the majority of people including kids, pregnant women, seniors, etc.

High-Efficiency Inflation

With each pumping action, you enlarge the ball to a much greater degree, therefore improving the inflation efficiency by 25%.

Precise Measuring

With our measuring tape, you can conveniently get the ball’s size by measuring its circumference, which is easier and more precise. Each ball was rigorously inspected at the factory to make sure the size of your choice fits you perfectly.

Burst Resistant of Trideer Blue Yoga Ball

The advanced foaming technology give our balls the special honeycomb structure, enabling them to safely and slowly release the air when punctured as the air runs along the edges of the honeycomb structure. So rest assured you won’t fall suddenly or get injured because of it.

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