Beurer InfraRed Heat Therapry Lamp 150w Powerful Muscle Aches Pain Relief


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  • Compact infrared lamp to relieve muscle aches or common colds
  • Soothing warmth helps reduce pain, increases blood circulation
  • Medically certified product
  • Adjustable inclination, 5 settings
  • 100w clear infrared bulb

Beurer InfraRed Heat Therapy Lamp

The deep penetrating warmth generated from infrared lamps is commonly used in medical practice for pain relief. The result is better blood circulation specifically targeted to the affected muscles. The metabolism is also stimulated through the use of the lamp and the body’s natural defense system is mobilized. This then helps to support and boost the healing process. An additional benefit gained from the use of an Infrared lamp is that it has a relaxing effect, making it the preferred treatment in face and beauty care.

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