KitchenCraft Quarter Pounder Burger Wax Discs 11cm – Silver


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KitchenCraft Quarter Pounder Burger Wax Discs 11cm – Silver

  • NEAT HOMEMADE BURGERS: use these 11 cm (4½”) wax paper burger discs to help turn meaty mixtures into temptingly tidy burgers
  • BURGER MAKER COMPATIBILITY: they’re designed for KitchenCraft’s quarter pounder press (KCBPRESSLRG), but should work with any model
  • EASY RELEASE, EVERY TIME: these clever little circles stop the meat from sticking to the press
  • YOU DON’T NEED A BURGER MAKER TO BENEFIT: slip them between homemade burgers to lock in moisture and stop them from sticking when frozen
  • PACK CONTENTS: it includes 250 discs (on average), so homemade burger connoisseurs and BBQ fanatics can press to their hearts’ content

KitchenCraft Quarter Pounder Burger Wax Discs

Do you look at supermarket burgers and recoil at the ingredient list? Ensure your burgers are as healthy and tasty as possible by making your own. They’ll be the star feature of fun family meals and don’t have the guilt factor (or grease factor) of takeaway burgers. Armed with high-quality ingredients, and a stack of these wax paper discs to separate the burgers and lock in flavor, you can’t go wrong. These high-quality waxed burger separators can be used with hand-shaped burgers, but are designed to work best with KitchenCraft’s quarter-pounder hamburger press (KCBPRESSLRG). They should work wonderfully with any burger maker, though.

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