KitchenCraft Telescopic Pickle Fork 17cm – Silver


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KitchenCraft Telescopic Pickle Fork 17cm – Silver

  • EMBRACE YOUR PICKLE PASSION: this neat pickle grabber helps you enjoy far too many olives, pickled onions, or gherkins for your good
  • BUTTON OPERATED: simply press the trigger to grab a pickle, then release to drop it onto your plate
  • TACKLE ANY JAR: the long, slim design gets to the bottom of nearly any jar, without the risk of messy, vinegary fingers
  • RETRO STYLE: whether you’re satisfying a craving or serving up after-dinner cheese, this retro pickle fork looks as good as it works
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: This robust, easy-to-clean pickle picker comes

KitchenCraft Telescopic Pickle Fork

This super-handy, vintage-style tool from KitchenCraft lets you enjoy a range of pickles without having to get messy vinegar or pickle juices all over your fingers. The pickle fork works with a clever, trigger-activated mechanism. Simply pop it in the jar, press the top to pierce a pickle, then press again to release the pickle onto your plate. Use it whenever you’re cooking, entertaining, or snacking. Olives on a homemade pizza? Pickled onions with a platter of cheeses? Or good old-fashioned gherkins, just because? This fork will retrieve them in seconds, mess-free!

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