Oral B OXYJET Replacement Jets (4pcs) – White


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Oral B OXYJET Replacement Jets (4pcs) – White

  • Improve gingival health when used together with tooth brushing in an 8-week clinical study
  • Oral irrigator with innovative micro-bubble technology
  • Form millions of micro-bubbles to attack plaque bacteria
  • For complete oral care

Oral B OXYJET Replacement Jets

Oxyjet Dental Jet Cannulas allows deep cleaning of teeth and gums. They evenly massage the buccal dental area to ensure impeccable cleanliness. These cannulas can be used as a single-jet to clean and as a multi-jet to massage and protect the gums from any external aggression. Oral hygiene. Directions for use  Insert this replacement cannula into your Oral B Oxyjet toothbrush.

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