PetSafe Staywell Magnetic 4-Way Locking Deluxe Cat Flap – White


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PetSafe Staywell Deluxe White Magnetic Cat Flap Pet Door 4-Way Locking

  • SELECTIVE, SAFE – The Magnetic Locking system frees your feline to explore, allowing only your Cats to return through the Cat Flap due to the convenient and safe Magnetic collar key.
  • WEATHER PROOFING – The Staywell Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flap features a Magnetic Door and internal Draught Excluder that act as insulation, resisting strong winds and Keeping heat in your home.
  • CUSTOMISABLE LOCKING – The 4 Way Locking system gives owners the opportunity to control their Cat´s movements, safely keeping them inside or letting them out with ease
  • UNIVERSAL FITTING – Using the Easy to follow 3-step installation guide and the provided cutting template, the Staywell Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flap can be installed in any Door, Window or Wall quickly and easily

PetSafe Keeping curious Cats and strays out of your home, the Magnetic Cat Flap gives selective entry to your feline, providing them the freedom to explore. The Magnetic Closing Door keeps the opening sealed through high winds and preserves warmth. Using the Easy installation guide, provided cutting template, and with a choice of a white or woodgrain finish the 4 Way Locking Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flap can be installed quickly, easily, and seamlessly into any door or wall.

PetSafe Staywell Magnetic 4-Way Locking Deluxe Cat Flap

Only pets wearing the magnetic collar key can use the door.

Now your cat can let herself in and other pets or wild animals can’t get in.

  • Durable plastic frame
  • 4-Way lock: in only, out only, open and locked
  • For cats up to 7 kg
  • Maximum shoulder width: 152 mm

In only

Your pet can enter but not exit.

Out only

Your pet can exit but not enter. This way strays and other animals are kept outside.

In or out

This setting allows your pet entry in both directions.

Fully locked

This setting allows your pet no entry in either direction.

Cut-out size

X = 168 mm

Y= 175 mm

Glass cut-out size

X = 212mm

Frame dimensions

X = 241 mm

Y = 252 mm

Additional information

Weight 880 g


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