Silverline Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun 230V 15/25W UK With 2 Glue Sticks


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Silverline 100012 Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun 230V 15/25W UK With 2 Glue Sticks

  • For use with ceramics, glass, light gauge metals, wood, plastic, fabric & card
  • For light craft use
  • Integral fold-away stand
  • Includes 2 glue sticks
  • Compatible with Silverline Glue Sticks 10pk
  • CE approved

Silverline Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

Silverline Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun 230V 15/25W UK With 2 Glue Sticks Blue It comes with a UK electric 3-pin plug UK Standard Plug Silverline Mini Glue Gun-Blue Compact glue gun with a fine pointed tip. Suitable for bonding wood, metal, glass, fabric, plastic, ceramics, and card. Foldout- stands for stability. Includes two 7.2 x 100mm glue sticks. CE approved.

How do Glue Guns Work?

Glue guns work by heating a stick of glue using a heating element inside the hand-held body. The solid glue stick is fed into the tool, and once melted, the adhesive flows out of the gun’s metal tip and onto the bonding surface. When the glue cools, an adhesive seal is created, bonding the material.

Learn more about how to use a glue gun. Glue Gun Safety Tips It’s important to practice safety when using glue guns. The melted glue that comes out of the glue gun’s tip – even if you’re using a low-temperature model – can cause serious burns if it comes into contact with skin. It’s best not to underestimate the heat of even low-heat guns, as they can cause anything from temporary discomfort to painful blisters. Make sure to keep the tip directed away from your skin at all times, and don’t touch any of the glue until it has cooled (this should take about a minute).

Even when you’re not pressing the glue gun trigger or pushing down on the glue stick manually, the glue may continue to drip from the nozzle. Make sure to set the gun on a piece of paper or cardboard when not in use to prevent damage to the underlying surface.

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15(25) W

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230 V