UniBond Anti-Mould Grout Reviver Pen For Reviving Faded And Discolored Grout Line – 7ml


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UniBond Anti-Mould Grout Pen For Reviving Faded And Discolored Grout Line – 7ml

  • Triple protection against mold
  • Dries in 60 minutes
  • Especially suitable for the bathroom, shower, and kitchen
  • Ice white color
  • Handy pen for a precise application

UniBond Anti-Mould Grout Reviver Pen

UniBond Grout Reviver gives new life to faded and discolored joints. It provides an innovative way of grouting in which the old grout is simply covered with a new layer. Thanks to the especially easy application with the handy pen, there’s no need for a pro – the job can be done quickly and with ease.

Restoring Bathroom Grout Joints, Easy Tile Grout Pen, Grout Whitener for Restoring Discolored and faded Joints

Simple Application

The grout reviver renews faded and discolored joints with just a few movements of the hand. Surfaces should be completely freed from dirt, mold, and contaminants such as residue from shampoo or soap.

The grout needs 60 minutes to dry.

Waterproof and Anti-Mould

The durable grout tile whitening pen refreshes discolored grout joints and offers triple protection mold resistance to repel, kill, and prevent mold. It is also waterproof and dries after just 60 minutes, making it ideal for showers.

Restore and Refresh

Designed to restore and refresh old bathroom grout that has become faded and discolored – for example in the shower cubicle or bathtub wall area, your tile grout will be looking as good as new in no time!

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