Andis Single Magnetic Comb Set Large – 4pcs


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Andis Single Magnetic Comb Set Large – 4pcs

  • Comb Sizes:
  • 1/16”-1.5mm
  • 1/8”-3mm
  • 1/4”-6mm
  • 3/8”-10mm
  • 1/2”-13mm

Andis Single Magnetic Comb Set

Purpose Mix up the lengths to achieve all sorts of styles with the Andis Clipper Magnetic Comb Set 5 pack Why it works Quicker than changing blades whenever you want a different length, the Andis Magnetic Combs is an easy way of achieving multiple styles out of the same Andis Clipper. The strong magnets last longer than clips that can bend or break. Simply click on your clipper and you’re ready to go.

Suitable for the following models: MBA, MBX, MC-2, ML, MA-1, RACA, US-1, PM-1, PM-2, PM-3, PM-4

Pack includes the following size guards: 1/16”-1.5mm, 1/8”-3mm, 1/4”-6mm, 3/8”-10mm, 1/2”-13mm.

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