Daewoo Electric Stove Heater 2000W With 2 Heat Settings Thermostat Control – Black


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Daewoo Electric Stove Heater 2000W With 2 Heat Settings Thermostat Control – Black

  • Thermostat control with 2 heat settings
  • Real flame effect
  • Ideal for a medium room
  • 2000W power
  • Dimensions: 28 x 42 x 54 cm

Daewoo HEA1200 Electric Stove Heater 

Our electric stove heater is ideal if you want the heat and warmth of a fire in your home, without the fuss of maintaining an open fire! The Daewoo electric stove heater gives a realistic flame effect with an ambient glow and has a dimmer function so you can control the glow. On top of this, the heater comes with 2 heat settings which allows you to heat the room to your preference, while the overheat protection ensures maximum safety. This free-standing stove heater would make a beautiful addition to any room in the home and is sure to create an extra cozy atmosphere with its traditional design and ambient glow.

This Electric Stover Heater is your ideal solution for targeted warmth and increased comfort in specific areas of your home. Say goodbye to wasteful heating practices and embrace the comfort and efficiency of zone heating. Looking to make your living room the coziest spot during the winter months? With the Daewoo Electric Stove Heater, achieving that perfect ambiance becomes a breeze. You can adjust the thermostat and customize the flame effect to your liking, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for family gatherings, movie nights, or simply unwinding after a long day. If you’re working from home, it’s the ideal companion to keep you comfortable during those productive yet chilly remote work hours. Plus, the safety cut-out feature ensures you can enjoy the warmth worry-free. In the rare event that this safety measure is triggered, rest assured there’s no need for concern. Simply disconnect the heater from the power source, inspect the air intake area to ensure it’s not obstructed or covered, allow it to sit for an hour, reset it, and then reconnect it to the mains. The Daewoo Electric Stove Heater is your trusted companion for comfort, style, and efficiency all year round, backed by a 3-year warranty


The built-in control panel provides full control over the heat, featuring an on/off switch, adjustable thermostat, and dual 1000W heat switches, you can customize your heating experience for optimal comfort and energy efficiency


Rest assured knowing that your Daewoo Electric Stove Heater is equipped with an integrated safety cut-out feature. In the rare event that this feature is triggered, your electric stove will shut off, preventing it from overheating


Tailor the ambiance in your living room, bedroom, or office space by adjusting the flame effect’s brightness to achieve your desired level of coziness, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for any occasion


The Daewoo Electric Stove Heater is perfect for zone heating, providing additional warmth and comfort during the colder months. Stop wasting energy on heating the whole house and start zone heating today


We know your electric stove will be keeping you warm for years of winter months to come but for your peace of mind we offer 3 years warranty, subject to online registration

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