Einhell TE-HA 2000 E Hot Air Heat Gun 2000 W With Extensive Accessory Nozzles & Case – Red


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Einhell TE-HA 2000 E Hot Air Heat Gun 2000 W With Extensive Accessory Nozzles & Case – Red

  • High-power 2000 W hot air gun with individually adjustable output settings for the temperature and air rate for many different renovation and repair jobs
  • Additional cold temperature setting for cooling down quickly to enable a quick nozzle change
  • Stands squarely and solidly thanks to a large base area, for maximum safety and hands-free operation while working
  • Extensive range of accessory nozzle attachments for a wide spectrum of jobs
  • Complete with a practical transport and storage case

Einhell TE-HA 2000 E Hot Air Heat Gun

The hot air gun TE-HA 2000 E is a high-quality and high-performance tool, which proves to be an indispensable aid when removing old lacquers and paints, soldering, fitting plastic pipes, and much more with all do-it-yourself activities. Thanks to the freely adjustable temperature control with 9 settings via the large adjusting wheel and the control of the air rate with 3 settings via the simply operated switch, the hot air blower can be adjusted to the requirements of the respective task. For maximum safety during operation, this tool has a large support surface for a safe stand during stationary operation. The fast cooling of the hot metal parts during the nozzle change takes place quickly and simply via the practical additional cold setting. For the best possible flexibility during the execution of various operations, a wide nozzle, a reflector nozzle, a heated nozzle, and a reducer nozzle are already included in the delivery.

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