KitchenCraft Manual Citrus Juicer/Lemon Squeezer, Glass


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KitchenCraft Manual Citrus Juicer/Lemon Squeezer, Glass

  • YES, THEY STILL MAKE THIS KITCHEN CLASSIC, and as ever, it extracts every last drop of juice from lemons, oranges, and even grapefruits;
  • POINTY REAMER MUNCHES THROUGH FRUIT, while little nubs keep seeds out of juice, for super smooth results;
  • HANDLE AND SPOUT make it easy to pour the extracted juice from this manual citrus juicer directly into a jug, glass, or bowl

KitchenCraft Manual Citrus Juicer

This juicer’s sturdy glass body and pointy details help extract maximum juice from your fruit. It’s great for those little jobs where it’s not worth dragging a bulky electric juicer out of the cupboard.

The lemon squeezer features a set of seed catchers that keep your juice smooth and seed-free. With its handle and pouring lip, it’s easy to pour the juice into a bowl or glass, so it’s fantastic for baking and cocktail making.

When life gives you lemons, make pancakes. When life gives you oranges, make a delicious duck marinade. This juicer is ideal for almost any citrus fruit, from little limes to big oranges and even small grapefruits.

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