KitchenCraft Stay Fresh Potato Preserving Storage Bag 26 x 38 cm (10″ x 15″) – Beige


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KitchenCraft Stay Fresh Potato Preserving Storage Bag 26 x 38 cm (10″ x 15″) – Beige

  • Stop spuds from sprouting! This bag keeps them fresh for weeks at a time, cutting down on food waste and trips to the shop.
  • Simply put potatoes inside and leave them in a cool place. The breathable bag keeps them fresh and dry and prevents sweating and sprouting.
  • Features a drawstring to make it easy to open and close, and a side zip so you can grab a potato as and when you need one.
  • Always have a potato to hand with this generous 26 x 38 cm (10″ x 15″) bag, which can keep up to 20 potatoes fresh for 2 weeks.
  • Twelve-month guarantee

A canvas preserving bag for storing potatoes, with a black-out breathable liner to keep out light and prevent sprouting. Featuring a drawstring top to keep contents fresh, the zipped base allows easy access when hung in the kitchen.

KitchenCraft Stay-Fresh Potato Keeper Sack

KitchenCraft Stay-Fresh Potato Keeper Sack – Get those recipe ideas sprouting – not your potatoes!

Have you ever opened your cupboard to find a pile of soft, unusable potatoes? Or an odd, alien-like sprouted one hiding at the back? Avoid disappointment with KitchenCraft’s canvas potato preserving bag. It helps keep your potatoes fresher for longer, meaning less wasted food, and fewer trips to the shop to stock up!

At first glance, it may just look like an ordinary food sack. But underneath, it’s so much more! This canvas bag features a breathable blackout lining, which creates the perfect atmospheric conditions for potato storage.

When you’re about to prepare a meal, simply unzip the side pocket and grab a potato – no need to worry about whether it’s going to be moldy or not!

– Measures 26 x 38 cm (10 x 15 inches)

– Made of canvas

– Holds approximately 20 potatoes (and keeps them fresh for 2 weeks)

Key Features

Preserve freshness for longer

If potatoes are just flung into your cupboard by the sack-full – or even worse, kept in the fridge – it’s all too easy for them to go black, mushy, and start sprouting. This bag’s cool, breathable lining keeps your potatoes at the ideal temperature while keeping light out.

Side zip opening

Potatoes are essential in any kitchen, with most of the best homemade comfort meals needing at least a spud or two. This preservation bag features a side zip, so you can easily grab a potato as and when you need it.

Keeps onions fresh for weeks

This bag helps to keep your potatoes fresh for weeks at a time. No more craving a baked potato and getting home to face a disappointing pile of spoiled spuds.

Traditional canvas bag with a difference

These bags have a neutral, modern design, which is subtle enough to match any décor. Hang it up in your kitchen for easy access.

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