Lloytron Paul Anthony Pro Series T3 Beard & Neckline Trimmer


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Lloytron Paul Anthony Pro Series T3 Beard & Neckline Trimmer

  • 25mm Precision Trimmer for expert detailing.
  • Adjustable comb attachments for a personalized look.
  • 3 in 1 UK mains rechargeable or battery operated.
  • Approximately 40 minutes of operating time.
  • 2-year guarantee – Manufacturer warranty card.

Lloytron Paul Anthony Pro Series Trimmer

The Paul Anthony P T3 Beard and Neckline Trimmer offers absolute hair trimming brilliance, with unique detailing tools such as the 3mm and 5mm fixed trimming guides, an adjustable comb guide with 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10mm settings, and ultra-sharp carbon stainless steel blades made to last and rapidly oscillate for a great finish every time. Have total control over the length of your eyebrows, mustache, beard, and body hair to personalize your look. The trimmer has approximately a 40-minute operating time and can be fully recharged using the USB charging cable included in approximately 8 hours.

There are NiMH rechargeable AA batteries installed which can be charged using the USB charger (These can be switched with standard AA Alkaline Batteries). Please only connect the USB charger if you are using the NiMH rechargeable AA batteries.

There is also a 2-year manufacturer warranty provided with this item given the warranty card is present.

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