Panasonic 3 Blade Electric Shaver Wet & Dry with Pop-up Trimmer – Blue


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  • Special Milano Italian design created for style and ergonomic function
  • Premium curved foil designed for the younger generation unhappy with irritation from disposable razors
  • 3-blade cutting system with nano-edge blades
  • Wet and dry technology for wet shaving with any gel/foam
  •   Washable with easy-clean chambers   Ultra-compact charging and storage stand s

The  electric shaver has three sharp blades, a Multi-Fit Arc Foil and Wet&Dry cordless operation. The Wet&Dry shaver allows you the choice of either a wet shave at home or a quick, dry shave while on-the-go – either way provides you with the same smooth, clean shave that you need. Two distinct foil patterns work in combination to capture and cut even the most difficult parts of your beard. In addition the  acute angled inner blades, perfected to Nano level precision, cleanly cut even tough beards and provide a close, gentle shave.

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