Panasonic Digital (Not Dab) AM/FM Portable Radio AC/DC With Headphone Socket


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Panasonic Digital (Not Dab) AM/FM Portable Radio AC/DC With Headphone Socket

  • FM/AM Analogue Radio with Digital Tuner for better & more accurate/Stable tuning, Please note this is not a DAB Radio.
  • Works with Batteries (4 x AA) or Direct Mains. Includes Detachable mains lead. (Batteries not included)
  • Big Radio Dial Panel for easy tuning. Large 10cm speaker for clear sound with 770MW output
  • 10cm Speaker and ferrite Antenna for good sound – You can also listen privately via a Headphone socket. A pair of Panasonic In-Ear headphones are included (subject to availability)
  • LED Tuning indicator and Telescopic Antenna for good reception.

Panasonic Digital (Not Dab) AM/FM Portable Radio

This simple, easy-to-use FM/AM radio features a Universal Design for easy viewing and a new digital tuner for easy and stable tuning with a tuning LED indicator. In addition to the Large Dial Scale, which makes the frequency numbers larger and easier to see, a Fluorescent Pointer provides comfortable viewing in the dark. Tuning is easy even at night and during power interruptions. It has an easy carrying handle and can work with 4 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) or direct electricity with the lead included. The unit also includes high-quality Panasonic In-ear headphones or equivalent (subject to availability). Frequency Range FM 87 – 108MHz (50kHz step) AM 520 – 1730kHz (9/10kHz step.

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