PetSafe Staywell 900 Series Easy Install Cat Door Extension Tunnel 18 mm


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  • PRECISE INSTALLATION – Each 900 Series Extension Tunnel adds 18 mm to your Cat Flap, ensuring a flush accurate finish, even in thicker Walls
  • UNIVERSAL FITTING – Whether your Cat Flap is fitted into PVC, Metal, Glass, or Brick, the 900 series Extension Tunnel aids a quick and easy installation
  • THICKER WALLS – Using Multiple Tunnel Extensions together your Cat Flap can be installed into any depth of Wall or Door
  • EASY ATTACH – When fitting multiple Extensions for deeper walls, each Tunnel piece simply clips together with no glue or screws needed.
  • COMPATABILITY – The 900 Series Tunnel extension is compatible with the Staywell Classic Manual 4-Wayay Locking Cat Flap (models 919EF and 919SGIFD only)

PetSafe Staywell 900 Series Easy Install Cat Door

The PetSafe Staywell 900 Series Extension is a simple, fast, and adaptable solution for installing your Cat Flap into thicker Doors and Walls. Each Tunnel piece adds 18 mm in length and easily clips together for a precise and seamless fit into any depth of the wall. Whether your Cat Flap is being installed through PVC, Glass Metal, or Brick, the 900 series Tunnel Extensions make installation hassle-free.

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