Polly Pocket Girls Dolls IP Brands Tropicool Pineapple Purse


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Polly Pocket Girls Dolls IP Brands Tropicool Pineapple Purse

  • This cute Tropicool Pineapple handbag compact opens to reveal an amazing safari adventure complete with micro Polly and Lila dolls, a monkey figure, and a boat that accommodates two dolls.
  • Discover and explore the following fun activities and reveals: the treehouse opens to reveal a swinging hammock; zipline for quick fun; hang out with the monkey; uncover hidden animals such as a lion in a cave and pop-up meerkats and hippo; enjoy delicious food at the jungle café; and much more.
  • Compact includes a strap, so children can carry it as a handbag, or it can be converted into a fanny pack with a belt.
  • Polly and Lila’s dolls are ready for the ultimate safari trip, complete with entertaining activities and accessories.
  • Polly Stick technology lets you stick the dolls anywhere on the purse compact. Just place the sticker from the sticker sheet (included) anywhere and the dolls will stick to the sticker.

Polly Pocket Girls Dolls

It’s time for Polly Pocket to have some fun in the sun. This adorable Tropicool Pineapple purse compact opens to reveal an unforgettable safari adventure with miniature Polly and Lila dolls, 8 unique features, a monkey, and a boat big enough to fit two dolls. There is so much to learn and amusing things to do: Find a treehouse with a hammock that swings, zipline, hang out with the monkey, look for animals that are concealed, like a lion in a cave or pop-up meerkats and a hippo, and much more. It’s a great joy to go on safari. The Tropicool Pineapple purse compact also features a strap, allowing children to wear it as a purse or as a fanny pack with a belt. The Polly Attach technology allows the miniature dolls to attach to any surface on the purse compact. The dolls will cling to the sticker wherever it is placed if you apply one of the stickers from the provided sticker sheet on the purse compact. Purse compact is small enough to take with you everywhere and at any time for Polly Pocket adventures. Colors and decorations are subject to change. For children aged 4 and up.

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