Remington Men’s Barba Beard Trimmer with 9 Lock In Length Settings – Black


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Remington MB320C Men’s Barba Beard Trimmer with 9 Lock-In Length Settings – Black

  • Ceramic-coated blades effortlessly cut the hair neatly and effectively for precise styling of beards and stubble
  • The convenient pop-up trimmer is suitable for shaping hair around the chin and the sideburns area, so you can finish off your chosen style to perfection
  • The trimmer has nine length settings so you can trim hair to your preferred length with ease, simply turn the zoom wheel on the handle until the length you want is displayed and your chosen length will be locked in
  • For added reassurance, this trimmer comes with a 3-year guarantee
  • 9 Preset lengths settings 1.5 to 18mm and Up to 40 minutes of cordless usage

Remington Barba Beard Trimmer

Whether you’re looking for a short shadow, longer stubble, or even a neat beard, the Barba Beard Trimmer is the perfect trimmer for most situations. Featuring 9 lock-in length settings from 1.5 – 18mm, you can personalize your look and define your style. With a variable-length wheel and numbered lengths shown on the handle, this trimmer is a quick and easy tool to maintain your look.

Rechargeable and Corded Use

With 40 minutes of cordless use after a 16-hour charge, you’ll be sure to achieve your desired look with ease. If you do run out of battery power while trimming, no problem, the cord / cordless feature allows you to plug it in and carry on trimming effortlessly to achieve your ideal trim. By following the charging instructions in the product information leaflet, you are sure to maintain the trimmer’s performance.

9 lock-in Length Settings and Pop Up Trimmer

To select your preferred trim length, just turn the zoom wheel on the handle until the length you want is displayed. Your chosen length is now ‘locked in’ for a precise and even trim. The handy Pop-up trimmer is also ideal for trimming those detailed areas for shaping around the chin and sideburn areas. Simply push the button and your finished style is achieved in an instant.

Keep It Clean and Charge It Up

Your Remington beard trimmer requires very little maintenance throughout its life. Simply keep it charged and clean it with the brush as necessary. Men with thicker hair or more frequent users may need to change components more often. Keeping the trimmer clean and free of hair will improve the quality of the trim. The Remington Barba Beard trimmer comes with a cleaning brush to brush off any build-up and maintain your style day in and day out.

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