Russell Hobbs 21600 Illuminating Glass Kettle, 1.7 L – Blue Illumination


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Russell Hobbs 21600 Illuminating Glass Kettle, 1.7 L – Blue Illumination

  • A perfect contour spout guarantees that all the water is poured into the cup without splashing onto the counter. Additional functions: automatic switch after boiling water, illuminated interior, protection against turning on the kettle without water.
  • Kettle Glass is also equipped with a removable and easy-to-clean filter, so keeping the device clean is simple. Capacity: 1.7 liters. Heating element: flat plate heater. Power: 2200 W. Color: transparent.
  • The filter is inside the spout and can be easily removed, rinsed under the tap, and reinstalled.
  • Execution: glass-stainless steel. Anti-drip filter. Rotating base. Water level indicator.

Russell Hobbs 21600 Illuminating Glass Kettle

The Russell Hobbs Illuminating Kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters, so you can boil up to 6 cups of water simultaneously. At the same time, the special function of 1 cup saves energy. Sleek with a clear housing and brush stainless steel accents, the Illuminating Glass Kettle will look ideal on any work surface. Made with Schott glass, it illuminates blue as it heats the water. And yes, you really can watch this kettle as it boils.

The ideal pour spout is designed to pour in a precise single stream to prevent boiled water from spilling or splashing onto hands or work surfaces and won’t drip when you stop pouring.

To keep the kitchen tidy, the base has integrated cord storage so it can be tidied away at your convenience and the handy 360-degree base means right and left-hand people can comfortably use it.

Boiling 1 cup [235 mL] vs 1 L

The 21600 Glass Kettle also has a removable, washable filter to keep your kettle clean and free from build-up. It sits inside the spout and can be easily taken out While rinsing under the tap and replacing it. Included in the pack you will also receive a voucher code to redeem a free bottle of Russell Hobbs Descale which with just one application will destroy the scale that could cut short the life of your appliance.

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