Silverline Aluminum Sash Clamp 600mm


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Silverline Aluminum Sash Clamp 600mm

  • Extruded aluminum with a cast head and foot
  • Spring-loaded rapid adjustment mechanism
  • Jaw width 50 mm
  • For light to medium-duty clamping
  • Suitable for woodworking and general DIY use

Silverline Aluminum Sash Clamp

A great way of holding workpieces and objects in place, the Silverline Sash Clamp is used to secure your surfaces when gluing and assembling components during woodworking, craft, and DIY projects. Use it for working on doors and windows, table tops, beams, and various types of boards. The U-section extruded aluminum construction with a cast head and foot makes it strong yet light, and the spring-loaded quick adjustment mechanism sets the foot to the correct position along the bar clamping your workpiece securely. A deep-cut acme thread enables final tightening and application of clamping pressure.

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