Swan Stand Patio Heater With 3 Power Settings 650W/1300W/2000W – Black



Swan Stand Patio Heater With 3 Power Settings 650W/1300W/2000W – Black

  • 3 Quartz heating elements
  • 3 Power Settings: 650W 1300W 2000W
  • Generous 1.8-metre power supply cord
  • High Rated aluminum reflector power indicator window
  • Power indicator panel with easy-to-use on/off pull switch
  • Adjustable height: 1.57m 1.9m
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • IP24 Approved
  • Do not expose to rain or snow
  • Store indoors

Swan Stand Patio Heater

Ideal for parties, outdoor dining, or just relaxing with friends. Swans Stand Patio heater is great for keeping everyone in your garden warm to get a few more hours out of your outdoor space.

Designed to elevate your outdoors and stand elegantly the adjustable height means you can fit it in any seating area. 3 power heat settings give you the ability to choose the ideal temperature, allowing you and your family to enjoy the fresh air through the night in spring, summer, and chilly days in autumn.

You can expect evenly distributed warmth from the Swan stand patio heater high rated aluminum reflector and powerful 3 quartz heating elements that provide energy-efficient heating all year round.

Easy to use too with an on/off pull switch.

Powerful and efficient heating

The Swan Stand Patio Heater is the perfect solution to keeping your outdoor space cozy and warm all year round.

Its three quartz heating elements and high-rated aluminum reflector quickly and efficiently spread a blanket of heat to keep you and your guests comfortable.

Three power settings

The Swan Stand Patio Heater isn’t just capable of keeping you warm outdoors in colder weather – its choice of power settings means that, if you need a subtle hint of warmth to keep you comfortable in the cooling breeze of a summer evening, there’ll be a level of heat to suit the setting.

Adjustable height

Whatever the shape of your outdoor space, the adjustable height of the Swan Stand Patio Heater means you’ll be able to get the heat coverage you need.

The sturdy central pole can be adjusted between 1.57m and 1.9m in height.

Tip-over safety switch

However much you and your friends are enjoying yourselves outdoors, there’s no need to be over-cautious – the Swan Stand Patio Heater features a safety mechanism that ensures it will automatically switch off if it’s knocked over, helping to keep you perfectly safe while you focus on enjoying yourself.

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