Wahl Bump Prevent Cordless Trimmer Male Grooming Kit – Red/Black


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Wahl Bump Prevent Cordless Trimmer Male Grooming Kit – Red/Black

  • Cutting lengths: 0.5-4.5mm.
  • Not washable.
  • 3 attachments: 3 x Attachment combs.
  • High carbon steel blades.
  • For dry use.
  • Cordless use.
  • Blades should be oiled after cleaning with our Hygienic spray.
  • Clippers should be oiled with our Blade oil after each use.
  • Trimmers should be oiled once a day or after several usages.

Wahl Bump Prevent Trimmer – Red/Black

The Wahl Bump-Prevent Trimmer trims, shaves and details. Allowing close trimming with no razor bumps and convenient battery power for portability.

Trim, shave, detail and outline with the Bump Prevent Battery Trimmer, ensuring a close trim without any irritation that can cause razor bumps on the skin.

This trimmer features Wahl high carbon steel blades that use high precision blade grinding technology which are designed to stay sharp for longer and ensure the best cutting performance. The ideal tool for removing unwanted body and facial hair with its precision ground blades, you get high quality performance with every use.

Battery powered for convenience, the Bump Prevent Trimmer is easily portable and perfect for travel. It’s sleek design and soft touch grip enables full styling control with ease.

Cordless Battery operation allows full flexibility when styling and you can use your trimmer anywhere.

Precision Ground Blades

We only use high precision blade grinding technology, ensuring the best cutting performance for you. Our blades offer superior performance, the finer the teeth the finer the quality.

Attachments The kit comes with 3 close trim attachment combs, to create any short style you want.


Our precision ground blades ensure the best cutting performance, so you can achieve the look you want with ease


The Bump-Prevent Trimmer is designed to provide a close trim with precision ground blades that will not irritate the skin or cause razor bumps.

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