Wahl Ceramic Steel Hair Curling Tongs 200°C Quick Heat Function Size 25mm


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Wahl Ceramic Steel Hair Curling Tongs 200°C Quick Heat Function Size 25mm

  • CERAMIC-COATED BARREL – This corded hair curler contains a ceramic-coated barrel that allows you to create tight, smooth, and sleek curls quickly while limiting the danger of hair damage. The ceramic coating, which has an ultra-fast heat transfer, seals moisture directly into the hair cuticle, resulting in attractive, soft, and lustrous hair.
  • EASY STYLING – With a top temperature of 200°C and a rapid heat option, you can create any style and get styling right away.
  • QUICK HEAT FUNCTION – Designed with a quick heat function, you can use this styling tool almost straight away
  • COOL TOUCH TIP – This curling tong also has a cool touch tip and a barrel clamp that secures the hair while wrapping the length around the tong for easy use and safe style.
  • SALON STYLING HOME – With a simple 360-degree, 2.5 m swivel cable that prevents tangling when styling and a hanging loop for quick and safe storage, while it cools, styling your hair, couldn’t be easier.

Wahl Ceramic Steel Hair Curling Tongs

The Wahl ceramic 25 mm curling tong is ideal for creating gorgeously bouncy curls, natural-looking tousled waves, and dramatic root tong lift for dramatic added volume. The ceramic barrel’s ability to distribute heat incredibly well reduces hot spots that can singe and burn the hair while minimizing the amount of harm done to the hair during the styling process. Beautiful, lustrous curls arise from the ceramic coating’s direct locking of moisture into the hair cuticle. The Wahl ceramic curling tongs have a maximum temperature of 200 degrees, a quick heat feature, and two heat settings that let you adjust the temperature to meet your hair type. You may design your style while reducing the risk of hair damage with these tongs. Styling your hair couldn’t be simpler with a handy 360-degree 2.5 m swivel cord that prevents tangling, a cool touch tip and barrel clamp that firmly hold the hair in place while wrapping the length around the tong, and a convenient hanging loop for storage and to help prevent any heat damage to surfaces. You’ll be able to design unique hairstyles with the Wahl ceramic curling tongs.

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