Waterpik Dental Water Jet Replacement Toothbrush


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  • Replacement toothbrush tips for the Waterpik WP-100 or WP-450
  • Brush and water jet combined for improved brushing effectiveness
  • Contains two color-coded tips

Waterpik Dental Water Jet Replacement Toothbrush

Replacement Toothbrush Tips x2, for the WP450, WP250, WP100 and WP900. The Toothbrush Tip is similar to a manual toothbrush (it is not an electric or sonic toothbrush). It attaches to the Water Flosser handle and allows you to manually brush your teeth as you water floss. Use with or without toothpaste. Place the Toothbrush Tip in the mouth with the brush head on the tooth at the gumline. Using light pressure as you water floss, massage the brush back and forth with very short strokes, similar to using a manual toothbrush.

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