Dr. Beckmann Service it Deep Clean 250g Washing Machine Cleaner


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Dr. Beckmann Service it Deep Clean 250g Washing Machine Cleaner

  • Helps to kill microorganisms
  • Removes nasty odors that can build up in your machine
  • Leave your machine hygienically clean
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and smells fresh
  • Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner 250g

Dr. Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner

Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean washing machine cleaner not only cleanses your machine but also kills 99.9% of bacteria and microorganisms, leaving your washing machine hygienically clean and smelling fresh. Every time you wash deposits of dirt and detergent settle in your washing machine. It is this that causes that nasty damp smell and the mold on door seals and in detergent drawers. This build-up also means that your clothes are not as clean as they could be. Only a ‘Deep Cleaned’ washing machine can promise truly clean clothes. Use Dr. Beckmann’s specially formulated Deep Clean washing machine cleaner to tackle the dirt you can’t see in your machine. This exceptional product works at its best when used in conjunction with our original Service-it liquid for the dirt you can see. Both products should be used consecutively every 2 months or every 30 washes to ensure your machine is as clean as possible and continues to run smoothly and effectively.

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