Dylon Color Catcher Complete Action Laundry Sheets – 40 sheets


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Dylon Color Catcher Complete Action Laundry Sheets – 40 sheets

  • Color Catcher – The No.1 laundry sheet for color protection in the UK & ROI
  • Protection – The sheet acts as a magnet to trap loose dye, assuring maximum protection against discoloration and color runs
  • Mixed washes – Color Catcher allows you to wash all colors together, even with whites, saving you time and money
  • Brighter Colors – Dirt build-up becomes visible over time. By removing loose dirt particles from your wash, the sheet protects the fabric from greying
  • All temperatures – The extra absorbent fibers of the sheet provide maximum protection at all temperatures. For best results use Color Catcher in every wash

Dylon Color Catcher

“The No.1 laundry sheet for color protection in the UK & ROI Powerful protection for your laundry. Dylon has been protecting your colors for over 20 years. Invented in 1995 Color Catcher revolutionised the way we do laundry. With more than 1 Billion sheets sold per year, millions of families trust Color Catcher and know that ‘the proof is on the sheet’. Dylon Color Catcher laundry sheets protect against color accidents and provide color protection when washing a mixed load.

Thanks to its unique texture with natural fibers, it maintains its shape during the wash to achieve stronger absorption of dye particles from the wash water. Each anti-transfer sheet is treated with special ingredients that act like a magnet protecting your clothes by trapping loose dye and dirt during the wash. The proof is on the sheet! How to use: 1. Place the sheet at the back of the machine drum before loading the washing 2. Add your detergent and select the appropriate washing cycle according to the garment manufacturer’s instructions 3. At the end of the wash remove and dispose of the sheet and dry the clothing as soon as possible Effective on all fabrics All fabric dyes contain negative ions and are therefore attracted to the positive charges on the color catcher sheets. Can be used when hand washing, simply place a sheet at the bottom of your sink or bowl and wash as normal”.

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