PetSafe Staywell Magnetic Cat Flap Pet Door 4 Way Locking


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PetSafe Staywell Magnetic Cat Flap Pet Door 4-Way Locking

  • Selective entry – The Magnetic Locking System unlocks for your Cat, helping to keep out strays and other unwanted visitors
  • Convenience – Giving Cats the freedom and independence they love, the magnetic locking system allows them to come and go as they please, relieving owners of constant supervision
  • Malfunctional Locking- The 4 Way Locking system of the Staywell Magnetic Classic Cat Flap gives your Cats the freedom they love whilst providing owners control of their boundaries
  • Universal Fitting – Using the included Easy to follow 3- step installation guide and cutting template, the PetSafe Staywell Magnetic Classic Cat Flap can be installed in any application with ease

PetSafe Staywell Magnetic Cat Flap Pet Door

Now your cat can let herself in and other pets or wild animals can’t get in since only pets wearing the special magnetic collar key can use the door. Preventing strays and uninvited animals from getting into your home, the Magnetic Locking System unlocks exclusively for your Pets. Once wearing the magnetic collar key your Pets are free to explore as they please, freeing owners of constant supervision and giving Pets the freedom they deserve.

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