Silverline Diamond Core Drill Bit 107 x 47 mm


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Silverline Diamond Core Drill Bit 107 x 47 mm

  • Heavy-duty steel body with diamond dust-cutting segments
  • Dry cutting of accurate holes in masonry
  • For use with 1/2 inch BSP compatible arbors
  • For use with drills equipped with a safety clutch
  • Do not use with hammer action

Silverline Diamond Core Drill

Stay ‘clean-cut’ with the high-performance Silverline Diamond Core Drill Bit, for dry cutting of smooth and accurate holes in masonry. Designed and manufactured to remove cylinders or plugs of material, this accessory will help you economize on material and eliminate waste, creating holes that won’t need repairing or making good by a bricklayer or plasterer. Equipped with a safety clutch, this Diamond Core Drill Bit is exactly what is needed for drilling in hard materials such as concrete blocks, paving slabs, limestone, clay brick, and aerated blocks. The heavy-duty steel body construction makes it hard-wearing and long-lasting, eliminating the worry of snapping and breakage. The diamond dust-cutting segments create burr-free holes with minimum waste, dust, and debris.

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