Swan 12 Inch Activair Silence And Turbo Desk Fan With 2 Speeds 60 W – Black



Swan 12 Inch Activair Silence And Turbo Desk Fan With 2 Speeds 60 W – Black

  • Near silent cooling – it won’t interrupt you even whilst you sleep
  • Turbo and Silent settings
  • Our quietest fan yet
  • Just 42dB on silent mode – compared to the Swan Retro Fan at 58dB
  • 60dB on Turbo setting
  • 2 speeds and 5 blades
  • Oscillation function
  • 60W – provides powerful cooling whilst keeping sound levels low
  • 12-inch diameter for a wide blast of cooling air
  • Perfect for desks and worktops or bedside tables

Swan 12 Inch Activair Silence And Turbo Desk Fan Black

Keep yourself cool during the warm summer months with the Swan Activair Silence And Turbo 12-inch Desk Fan. Providing powerful, effective, and near-silent cooling, this fan is perfect for bedrooms and offices, and won’t disturb you whilst you sleep, watch TV, work, relax, or listen to the radio. Our quietest fan yet!

At just 60dB in turbo mode and just 42dB in silent mode, the noise level of this fan is incredibly low, so it won’t interrupt you no matter what you’re doing, but with a powerful 60W motor it provides strong and efficient cooling for any space. Perfect for whilst you sleep so you can get a good night’s rest, even on humid summer nights. Featuring turbo and silent settings and two speeds, you can adjust this fan to suit your personal preference. The oscillation function allows for a cooling air circulation around the whole room. The 12-inch diameter means you get a good, wide blast of cooling air but on a stand that can easily be moved from room to room and positioned on desks, worktops, or tables.

Choose between turbo and silent settings

The turbo setting is the perfect choice for when you need a powerful gust of air to shake off the sluggishness of those hot afternoons. But if you need a quiet, gentle breeze, the silent setting is ideal, as its ultra-quiet 42dB noise level will not disturb even the lightest sleepers.

Handy oscillating function

Sometimes you need to get the air moving in a hot, stuffy room, and the 12” Silence & Turbo Desk Fan’s oscillating function is just what you’re after. Set it on your desk, kitchen counter, or chest of drawers, and let it slowly rotate back and forth, spreading cool air through the room.

Ideal size for desks

The dimensions of the 12” desk fan make it perfect for placing beside you while you work. We all know just how difficult it can be to concentrate in the heat, making those busy afternoons almost unbearable during the summer. This fan will be your perfect companion, helping you to keep focused.

Powerful cooling

The fan comes with a powerful 60W motor to ensure that it can cool you down on even the hottest days, moving the 5 carefully positioned blades at top speed to get you refreshed in no time. And even at its fastest, the fan still won’t deafen you – the turbo setting is still only 60dB!

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Weight 2960 g




Power / Wattage

60 W

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